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Is It Worth Flying Business Class?

If you have extra money for your next flight, the thought about flying in Business Class may still be imperative.  

Nowadays, many travelers, especially people who do business, take first class flights to alleviate the tediousness and distress of long hours of travel, which makes sense to ask, is it worth flying Business Class? The answer depends on ones preference and budget. Comfort wise, it can be a good choice. However, if you were to put into consideration your budget, then maybe you may want to save up for the comfort.

The facilities and services are the two main factors that differ Business Class flights from economy and coach. However, the classes of business flights may still vary depending by the airline and the type of plane. Hence, it is definitely necessary to do your research about them before booking.

The numbers of airlines that offer premium class trips today are beginning to decline, unless they take a route in high-yielding Asian routes like China, Singapore or Japan. In the United States, there  are a fewer airlines that offer the same feat, making business or premium flights are becoming limited.

The main selling point for Business flights, however, is its offered flexibility and exclusive access to airport lounges. Many of those who usually travel premium class also prefer paying for the extra features of the flight, which includes food, entertainment, and luggage checks, which are now charged in economy flights.

As a quick summary, listed below are the facilities and services that you can expect if you were to fly business or premium:

First, such types of trips offer you comfort as you travel. Business type allows you to lie in flat seats, which can be very practical for people who want to stay rested especially in a whole day flight. It is most suitable for those who travel different places in week. Being in a business type of flight is also perfect for those who hate queues and want to get out the plain as quick as possible.

Second, unlike economy and couch, you are allowed to move freely and stretch easily in business. Your moves are not restricted, which can help you prevent a potentially fatal condition in which one or more clots form in a deep vein, usually the leg or arm.

Third, it offers you privacy and comfort from crying babies, unwanted odors etc and they can be very economical since extra miles accrue using such deals. 

Are Airlines Still Profitable?

Amidst the global economic crisis, world industry leaders might think that one of the most affected industries would be the airline industry. Ironically, while some industries gradually lose drive to grow vigorously, it was reported that the demand for business class flights and even reservation for economy seats continue to rise.
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) disclosed that the airline industry would have a 58-percent growth this year due to the growing demand of passengers and cargoes, and the emerging tourism campaigns of most countries.

IATA Director General Tony Tyler said that these reasons will definitely lift the net profit margin of the international airline industry to 1.6 percent this 2013. Last year, it was reported that profitability was lower with one percent.

Though a lot of low-cost airlines continue to exist, a lot of people composed of business leaders, executives and country officials still book for business class flights. Several international business transactions and expansions are being done that's why the demand for first class flights continues to increase.

On the other hand, IATA chief economist Brian Pearce announced that airlines belonging to the Asia-Pacific Region experience tremendous growth, specifically China where domestic travel market is flourishing speedily.

IATA asserted airlines from Asia-Pacific region would chip in some $4.2 billion to the overall increase in revenue of the global airline industry.

European airlines are also likely to contribute combines net profit of approximately $800 million this 2013, more than 100% from last year's $300 million.

Considered to be the second most profitable carriers, the North American airlines will expectedly post $3.6 billion worth of net profit. Airlines from the United States are reported to gain better earnings including the higher demand for business class flights.

IATA revealed that the industry is expecting overall revenue to arrive at $671 billion this 2013 compared to the $637 billion in 2012.

Tourism is one of the main reasons why a lot of passengers travel every year. With the presence of low-cost carriers in each country and the attractive tourism campaigns, airlines definitely benefit from this demand and it even opens to other markets as well.

The World Trade Organization also anticipated growth in global trade and commerce as countries start to recover from economic drop-off and natural disasters. Healthy commerce means active transportation.
Passenger traffic is considered likely to rise by 5.4 percent that's why certain recommendations to different government units were done to expand airports and improve more the airline system.

Advantages of Flying Business Class

With the increasing number of frequent flyer, mileage point accumulation seems to be very popular because they offer free flights and upgrades. For whatever reason a person flies, be it vacation/personal trips or business, flying first class or business class seems to have many advantage. Here are some the advantages of flying business class.

Flying business class provides you with more breathing and shoulder space. People are willing to buy business class tickets to get a seat in the front of the plane where there is enough space and room for them to be relaxed and to be able to sleep on long, cross continental flights. When you are in business class, you need not worry about the people who make it hard for you to sleep while traveling. You have ample space between seats.

Another advantage of going business class is it gives you a much more peaceful plane ride due to the fewer number of people around your specific seat. When traveling, there are people who make it impossible for you to loosen rest. In business class flights, chances are, people around you are quiet because there are less children and loud people in close proximity to your seat. If you want to have a relaxed and quiet plane ride, consider buying business class tickets.

In addition, you get the best service if you are flying business class. People in this section usually get more food (and sometimes gourmet food) and are presented with lots of beverage choices (alcoholic and non-alcoholic). They also experience a superior kind of service than those people in the economy class. If you are a frequent traveler, you should consider traveling business class, mileage points can be used to travel this way. Business class seats can also be converted into a full size, single bed. There are airlines now that provide laptop services in the first class section as well as internet services.

Flying business class gives you a special check in area and security checkpoints. You do not need to stand in line at the airport. People in the business class board the plane first and sometimes they are given free access to airport lounges. Baggage weight is higher than the economy class too. First class flyers do not pay for extra baggage sometimes on domestic or international flights.

Business class fares are quite expensive, but frequent flyers get discounts because of their mileage points. Flying business class is a completely different experience. It actually makes travelling more enjoyably.